Tenyu Tech Fire Extinguisher Ball (4.0kg)

Tenyu Tech Fire Extinguisher Ball (4.0kg)

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Product Description

Simple: the Fire Extinguisher Ball works by simply throwing it into the fire or fire place. Lightweight, compact and easy to use.

Self-activating: as long as the ball is in contact with the flame for 2-3 seconds, it will automatically trigger a fire extinguishing mechanism to effectively and quickly extinguish the fire. 

Alarm function: as long as the placement of the fire extinguishing ball in fire-prone areas.When the fire occurs, it will be able to produce and issue the alarm with about 120 decibels.

Safe and effective: no longer need to close to the fire scene, and the materials are completely harmless to the human body. The ball can also be installed in a fire-prone position in case of fire.

Made of totally harmless materials and safe for users.

Perfect for safety use at home, kitchen, cars, office.

Item Specification

Brand Tenyu Tech
Colour Red
Dimensions 255mm X 255mm X 255mm
Ean 5060680952797
Material Powder
Weight 4.44KG

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