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Product Description

The Spray Mop is a ready to use mop for in between cleaning of tiled, vinyl, wood, and laminate floors.

It has made mopping even easier thanks to the revolutionary 1 2 Spray, which provides a brand new mopping experience. This all in one, ready to use system has it's very own spray handle with a refillable liquid compartment, meaning you can use it without a bucket and still get a sparkling result.

To make sure you get the absolute best out of the Shower Feet, please make sure you read these instructions carefully, and keep them safe for future reference.

For a quick clean, simply pour cleaning liquid into the bottle, close the cap tightly and squeeze the trigger to release a micro mist of spray - perfect for quickly mopping up sticky and greasy marks. But thanks to the durable Microfibre pad, it is also great for deep down cleaning.

Item Specification

Brand Spraymop
Colour Blue
Dimensions 120mm X 1220mm X 70mm
Ean 5060680955316
Material Hard Plastic
Weight 0.66KG

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