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Important Recall

Important Safety Warning-Product Recall
Safety Shoes are not Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)




Dear Customer,
Re: Safety shoes, Hazard - Not Personal Protective Equipment
You have purchased safety trainers from us. Please see product photo above.
We would like to recall this item back as it is not Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and you should not use the product as it may rise injury. The trainers toe protection and nail penetration do not meet requirements and there is no steel midsole. Therefore, the product does not offer the appropriate protection and we recommend they are not used for PPE. 
What to do: Please stop using this product as it is not Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and send back to Diva Gift. If you require pre-paid label, please email us. Once the item has been received by us, we will process your refund.
For more information, you can contact our Customer Service team at
Kind Regards
Diva Gift Support