151 Multipurp Acrylic (GREEN) – Diva Gift

151 Multipurp Acrylic (GREEN)

151 Multipurp Acrylic (GREEN)

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Product Description

151 Multipurpose 450g Silicone Sealant in clear and white: This product is perfect for filling gaps and cracks around the home, especially in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

151 Bathroom and kitchen 450g acrylic is perfect for jobs around the home, this product dries white and features an easy to apply nozzle.

151 Frame sealant 450g. This product comes in brown and white. It is ideal for filling gaps and cracks around your windows and door frames.

Rapide 280ml Universal 3 in 1 Sealant can be used as filler, sealant and adhesive making it an essential for around the home.

Rapide Spray and Seal Mastic Sealant 300ml comes in black and white and can be used to seal guttering, pipes, windows and roof repairs.

Rapide Fast grout sealant is perfect for grouting tiles in your kitchen or bathroom. This product is easy to apply and dries white.

We also have a range of fillers available.

Item Specification

Brand DivaGift
Colour Green
Dimensions 350 X 450 X 25mm
Ean 5013748005676
Material Spary

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