5x Intouch Spot Gloves – Diva Gift

5x Intouch Spot Gloves

5x Intouch Spot Gloves

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Product Description

Powder-Free Latex Surgical Under-Gloves
iNtouch Spot damp donning powder-free surgical gloves are specially designed to enhance double gloving practices in the healthcare industry.
iNtouch Spot surgical gloves are designed 12% thinner than standard surgical gloves in order to promote better tactile sensitivity for unsurpassed dexterity and comfort during double donning practices.

Ergonomic Fit
Micro-Textured Surface
Long Beaded Cuff With Tacky Band
Dark Prominent Colour
100% Air Inflation Tested
AQL 0.65
Passes Viral Penetration Tests (F1671)

Item Specification

Brand iNtouch Spot
Colour Blue
Dimensions 250mm X 60mm X 30mm
Material Disposable Gloves
Weight 0.05KG

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