Bestway Flowclear Polysphere (500g) – Diva Gift

Bestway Flowclear Polysphere (500g)

Bestway Flowclear Polysphere (500g)

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Product Description

Bestway Flowclear Polysphere Pool Filtration Balls

The Bestway® Flowcear™ Polysphere Pool Filtration Balls are a highly efficient and environmentally friendly way to keep clean water flowing through your above ground pool. The Polyshperes look like cotton balls but don’t let the look deceive you. The Flowclear Polyspheres offer several benefits and can be used in all existing Bestway sand filters. They enhance your sand pump’s efficiency by lowering pressure, which allows for a higher flow rate and a longer product lifespan. Polyspheres are made with lighter material. In fact, 500 grams of Polysphere is equal to 18 kilos of sand. They offer superior filtration. Clean and clear water is reached in a shorter time than with sand. Your Polyspheres are made from 100% recyclable and non-toxic PET material. They are even washable by hand. Flowclear Polyspheres are a fantastic way to enhance your above ground pool. The pan or metal holder is for photo illustration only.
Box Contains
Contents: Flow clear Polysphere 500g

Material: 100% PET
Suitable for all existing sand filters in the Bestway® range
Lowest pressure increase in comparison to sand
500 g (1.10 lbs) of Flowclear™ Polysphere is equal to 18 kg (39.68 lbs) of sand
Flowclear™ Polysphere quantity is as follow:
Sand filter Weight if using sand Weight if using Flowclear™ Polysphere
Bestway® 2,006 L/h (530 gal./h) 8.5 kg (18.74 lbs) 240 g (0.53 lbs)
Bestway® 3,785 L/h (1,000 gal./h) 18 kg (39.68 lbs) 500 g (1.10 lbs)
Bestway® 5,678 L/h (1,500 gal./h) 25 kg (55.12 lbs) 700 g (1.54 lbs)
Bestway® 7,571 L/h (2,000 gal./h) 35 kg (77.16 lbs) 1,000 g (2.20 lbs)
Notes: Flowclear™ Polysphere can also be used for other sand filters using 28 g (0.06 lbs)
Flowclear™ Polysphere to replace for 1 kg (2.20 lbs) sand.
Easy to carry, manipulate, and transport
Low weight for easy handling
Excellent filtration result and efficiency
Long life product
Easy to wash by hand
Back washing function by Bestway® sand filter not applicable
Easy disposal, non toxic
Contents: 500 g (1.10 lbs) Flowclear™ Polysphere

Item Specification

Brand Bestway
Colour White
Dimensions 170mm X 360mm X 170mm
Ean 5060753677657
Material Polysphere
Weight 0.500KG

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