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Bread Bags

Bread Bags

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Product Description

Keeps all bread fresh for longer

These fresher for longer bags help to lengthen the time before bread goes hard, crusty & mouldy. The extra long bags included are perfect for French Baguettes.
Always store bread where you would normally, in a bread bin or store cupboard
Directions for use:Place bread into bag and always ensure that any excess air has been removed from the bag. Use one bag for each item - do not put mixed items together in a bag. Simply fold over the top of the bag

Box contains: 5 bags 12" x 19"
3 bags 12" x 25"

Item Specification

Brand DivaGift
Colour Clear
Dimensions 250 X 350 X 5mm
Ean 5050375045811
Material Plastic
Weight 0.01KG

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