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Smart Watch Heart Monitor Bracelet

Smart Watch Heart Monitor Bracelet

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Product Description

A black multi-function Smartwatch Bracelet: your personal butler.


  • Smart alarm clock: In the connected state, three alarm clocks can be set and synchronised to the band;
  • Band display settings: you can set the display pages on your band. The enabled function pages will be switched one by one with your touch on function key and disabled function page will not appear
  • Looking for band: in connected state, click the "looking for band" option, the bank will vibrate to get your attention
  • Shake to take selfie: in the connected state, enter the "shake to take selfie in APP, shake the band, and the APP will take photos automatically after 3 seconds countdown
  • Date and Clock: after synchronisation with the phone, the date and clock on the band will automatically be calibrated
  • Pedometer: where a band to automatically record your daily activity. You can view the real-time steps today
  • Distance: based on your activity and personal profile, the distance you travelled will be displayed
  • Calories: based on your activity and personal profile, the calories burned will be displayed
  • Heart rate and blood pressure: switch to the heart rate or blood pressure interface and the band will automatically start measurements, and the result will be displayed in 40 seconds.
  • Sleep mode: the bracelet will automatically monitor your sleeping status in night; it will detect your sleep status with deep sleep/light sleep/awake time, and calculate your sleep quality; the result can be checked on APP

Item Specification

Brand SuperGift Bracelet
Colour Black
Dimensions 105 X 90 X 25
Ean 5060680954289
Material Rubber
Weight 0.045

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