Pest Shield Green Lawn Weed Killer 500ml – Diva Gift

Pest Shield Green Lawn Weed Killer 500ml

Pest Shield Green Lawn Weed Killer 500ml

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Product Description


Weed Killer 500ml
PestShield Weed Killer is a ready to use systemic weed killer. Use this to kill weeds and roots in your garden for a tidy garden. It also controls annual and deep rooted perennial weeds. This biodegradable product treats up to 15m Squared. Use only as a home garden weedkiller. Contains 500ml.

Lawn Weed Killer
500ml or 1L
Are daisies, dandelions, thistles and broad leaf weeds ruining your lawn? Kill them for good, with this selective lawn weed killer. Grass safe, but deadly for a full range of troublesome lawn weeds, the powerful solution gets right into the roots for long term protection.

Path & Patio Weed Killer 1L
Keep your garden and paths looking immaculate with this easy to use treatment. PestShield Path and Patio Weed Killer 1000ml Trigger Spray is a great ready to use product that kills roots and weeds. The systemic weed killer is biodegradable and controls annual and deep rooted perennial weeds.

Glyphosate Weed Killer
1 Pack or 3 Pack
Pest Shield Glyphosate Weed Killer Concentrate is a Systemic weed killer for the control of annual and deep-rooted perennial weeds. It kills a broad range of weeds and kills roots to help you keep your garden clear of unwanted foliage. Contains 90 G/L Globophobe in a soluble solution.
· A Systemic weed killer
· Controls annual and deep-rooted perennial weeds
· Helps to keep your garden free of unwanted foliage

Pestshield Slug & Snail Killer Blue Pellet Bait 300g

Product Description:

Pestshield Slugs and snail liller pellet bait.
For use on bare soil around plants and seedlings.
Deters slugs and snails from pots, planters and fruit vegtable and flower beds.
Harmless to the environment.
Leaves no excess slime.
Can be used around edible crops up to the day of harvesting.
Contains Ferric Phosphate.
Showerproof up to 10 days.
Suitable for organic gardening OF&G Organic.

Item Specification

Brand DivaGift
Colour Clear
Dimensions 350 X 450 X 25mm
Ean 5050375121102
Material Spray
Weight 0.500KG

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