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Washig Machine Net Bags (2PK)

Washig Machine Net Bags (2PK)

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Product Description

· Protect clothes, reduce rolling and distortion in washing machine and make clothes in previous state.
· Keep socks, bra's, underwear, tights etc. Separate from other clothes in the wash using the mesh wash bag.
· Keep your washing organised, no more lost socks!
· Special Design Mesh wash bags ensure items inside still get thoroughly washed
· Prevents damage to delicate items
· Fine-looking and exquisite workmanship with special designing and sewing.

1. Choose suitable bag for washing.
2. Put some detergents on the dirtiest clothes parts and hand scrub before washing with net.
3. For perfect washing the bag volume should be 2/3 full.
4. Put it into washing machine after drawing zipper.
5. Keep the clothes inside the mesh net when dewatering.

Item Specification

Brand Net Bags
Colour White
Dimensions 300mm X 400mm X 10mm
Ean 5060753678968
Material Mesh
Weight 0.10KG

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