WiperFix (Black) Car Wiper Cutter – Diva Gift

WiperFix (Black) Car Wiper Cutter

WiperFix (Black) Car Wiper Cutter

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Product Description

The car wiper blade repair tool is universal for all cars.

Used to refurbished the wiper blade, it can be used many times.

Durable material offers longer performance life over other common wiper blades.

Specially blended rubber delivers the ultimate smooth, clean, chatter-free wipe.

Engineered and designed to application specific wiping systems.

Use Methods:

1. Lift thee windscreen wiper, clean the dust on the rubber wiper blade with a damp cloth.
2. Put the renewal tool in water (with wash liquor has better performance).
3. Place the wiper blade on the guide groove of the renewal tool, using the appropriate strength and speed to polish the rubber blade back and forth.
4. Polish it well or not: Use your finger to slide on the rubber knives, if you believe the blade is sharp and not rough, it means that you have polished it in good condition
5. Remove the hard cover after use, clean the sanding plate with water and place it in a suitable place after wiping.

Item Specification

Brand WiperFix
Colour Black
Dimensions 30mm X 30mm X 70mm
Ean 5060680955286
Material Mixed Materials
Weight 0.05KG

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